Typographic Rules Project

For this project we needed to create 6 pages which would go into a booklet to show rules to follow for typography. They needed to be printed in some way other than with a printer.

Below are my 6 typography rules.

I printed the text onto the card by first printing what I wanted to be on the card back to front onto paper using a printer, then using a trick I found/used in Sixth form I printed the already printed rules onto the card by covering the paper with turps and then rubbing hard on the back so that the ink on the paper transferred to the card. This technique gives it a worn appearance.

P1020499 P1020500 P1020501 P1020502 P1020503P1020504


Editorial Design for Print Project

For this project we where asked to pick a genre of magazine that we were to analyse and create an 8 page article for.

I went with Fashion and Beauty magazines. From here I went on to analyse the type of layouts and typography used within this genre of magazine.

Below you can see images of my final printed article which would go into a fashion and Beauty magazine. The text included in the magazine was that of my essay about ‘If magazines could talk what would they say?’

P1020485     P1020486

P1020487     P1020488



Thematic Mapping

Text & Image- Project 3: Thematic Mapping

For this brief I needed to create a thematic map of Blackpool based on the research I gathered during the trip to Blackpool. I finally decided to base my map on the theme of attraction. My map show you when each attraction is open throughout the year. Above you can see the designI created for both sides of the map. One side has a full page map of the Blackpool area with coloured & numbered stars where each attraction is, the other side is the front & back cover and the list of attractions at Blackpool. I created all the illustrations that you can see on this map using Adobe Illustrator.

Below you can see the printed version of my map.

P1020492 P1020491