Mayoral Campaign

This project involved picking a candidate of my own choice for either Manchester, Chester or Liverpool.
I decided on Liverpool as my city as well as Gary Barlow for my candidate.
The project involved a Digital and Print Campaign. For my print campaign I designed and created a leaflet, bus stop poster and a billboard poster.

Leaflet design

Picture4      Picture3

Billboard poster design
Picture5     billboard

Bus stop poster design

Picture2 busstop

For my Digital campaign I created a campaign website.



Throughout all of the designs I wanted to have consistent features of the Liverpool City skyline as well as a image of Gary Barlow.





Final 60 second animation

This is an animation I made for my final project in Motion Design for my Graphic Design course at University of Chester.
The project involved me selecting a 60 second part of soundtrack from a podcast of my choice from the BBC Four shortcuts series.
I chose the podcast ‘someone to watch over me’ and selected 60 seconds from the part about a school invigilator.